We know that losing one's vision is difficult. This is true if a person has total or partial vision loss. But it does not have to mean the end of living a productive and happy life. We are here to help people experiencing vision loss.

The Montana Association for the Blind  (MAB) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with vision problems live happier and more independent lives. It was created in 1946 by some blind people and their friends who recognized the need for an organization in which blind and low vision Montanans could connect with others, find resources, and receive training. 

Our programs include local chapters in 9 communities across the state that meet monthly to give one another support, socialize, and learn. We hold the Summer Orientation Program each year - it is a one-month program that gives training newly blind and low vision adults in independent living skills. This is offered at no cost to the student for training, room, and board! We also have a program that loans money, at no interest, to members who would like to purchase adaptive equipment.


There are many ways that you can help!


Interested in volunteering? The Montana Association for the Blind is a fun, engaging organization that can always use dedicated volunteers, whether it’s for project or a more long-term! We’re always looking for folks to help us out in various capacities at the local chapter level, the state level, and at the Summer Orientation Program. It is a great way to give back to the community and meet new friends. If you are interested, please contact us.

Individual donations

Individual donations are the backbone of our organization. We hold fundraising events, but you may donate at any time! Your contribution can go for the general fund, the Summer Orientation Program, or the Memorial Loan Lease Program.  

Business Contributions

If your business is interested in sponsoring a student for our Summer Orientation Program, please contact the office for details on this program. Our cost to train and provide room and board for students is about $4000. Students pay nothing to come to summer school! If you cannot sponsor a student, any contribution would be helpful. This is a great way for local businesses to get some publicity as well as help out the organization. In addition, the MAB is always looking for in-kind donations from local businesses, another great way to help us out! Contact us for more information. You may call the office at: 406-442-9411, or email us at: mab.association@yahoo.com.

The Montana Association for the Blind is part of Montana Shares. Montana Shares is a partnership of Montana-based nonprofit groups devoted to improving the quality of life in communities throughout Montana.