Memorial Loan Fund

Memorial Loan Fund is a loan program where legally blind members of the M.A.B. in good standing, may request loan funding for the purposes of physical restoration, educational, economic, or social improvement. Requests may be made to acquire technology for the blind necessary for competitive employment, completing educational objectives, or maintaining one’s independence and self-sufficiency. Monies from this fund may be loaned under rules and regulations adopted by the board of directors.

The maximum loan amount is ($3,000) three thousand dollars and requests for loans in excess of that amount requires the excess be paid up front and in full by the applicant. The maximum time for repayment of the loan will be (5) five years – 60 Months. Funds will be paid to the vendor directly versus money given to an individual.

Types of equipment considered are CCTV’s, computers or programs with speech capability etc., or any other adaptive equipment, new or used, for use by the blind which will improve their life circumstances.

After deciding what equipment or service is wanted, a full application, which specifies equipment, vendor, requested terms of repayment amounts and all personal information required, is to be sent to 

M.A.B. Memorial Fund Committee

P.O. Box 465, Helena, MT 59624.

If the Memorial Loan Fund Committee approves the loan, the applicant and co-signer will sign a promissory note to purchase this equipment or services from the M.A.B. The shipping and handling and other related costs, must stay within the amount of the loan or be paid in full by the applicant. Equipment will remain in the M.A.B. name until the promissory note has been paid in full. At that time the M.A.B. will give the applicant a purchase agreement naming the applicant as owner of the equipment.

If you have paid 50% of this note and for some reason, other than death, you find you do not need or want this equipment any longer, you can turn it in to the M.A.B. office and make no more payments.

In cases of death, your relatives can turn in the equipment to the office with no further obligation for payment. PLEASE PAY THIS LOAN AS SOON AS YOU CAN SO THAT OTHERS MAY USE THIS SERVICE!